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Whats new in Surface Pro 2017 ?

Quick Summary

1. 800 new custom parts inside
2. 13.5 hrs battry life
3. 7th Gen Kaby Lake Processors
4. Hinge Desing : Microsoft has adopted the same Surface Studio 165-degree angle for the Surface Pro, allowing it to lay nearly flat.
5. Surface Dial support on the display of the Surface Pro.
6. New Surface Pen it doesn’t come in the box anymore, so you’ll be able to purchase it separately for $99. A new tilt functionality is only available on the Surface Pro for now. Tilt will detect the angle of the pen to enable shading and better accuracy for inking also altered is the level of pressure sensitivity to 4096, alongside a reduction in the activation force.
7. Microsoft will also offer a model with LTE connectivity. The LTE version will support micro SIM and eSIM, and will be priced slightly higher than models without LTE support.


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Kotlin becomes first class language for Android Development

Incase you have always been wanting to get in Android Development now is a great time to start fresh as Google has announced that with Android Studio 3.0 they are officially supporting Kotlin for creating Android Apps.

Check more on Kotlin in these videos and how you can use Kotlin.

Try Kotlin Online. Happy Coding 🙂

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TensorFlow and a boys dream how he is using it to help doctors and patients wordlwide

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning library. It is deployed in various products of Google like speech recognition, Gmail, Google Photos and even Search. Check Abu’s Story on how he used Machine Learning. When Abu was 15, he discovered the potential of machine learning. Now what he’s building could help doctors and patients all over the world.


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What is Fuchsia OS from Google ?

Fuchsia [GitHub] is a new operating system being developed by Google targeting modern phones and modern computers.

#fuchsia on

Quick Pointers
1. RTOS : Real-Time Operating System.
2. Serve Real time applications that process data as it comes in without buffer delays.
3. Fuchsia is not based on a Linux Kernel like Android and ChromeOS
4. Its based on a new Micro Kernel named Magenta [GitHub]
5. Magenta itself is based on another kernel called LK or Little Kernel which is designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications Magenta and LK
6. Fuchsia was recently updated with an user interface called ARMADILLO, the UI is written using Flutter which is a SDK used for
creating apps for different platforms like Android and iOS.
7. Currently ARMADILLO features a card based design, check more UI in the video below.

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IO 2017 – Google IOT Platform

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IO 2017 – Google Assistant SDK

Leverage Google Assistant SDK. Developers can now have the Google Assistant built-in to any project they are working on, from toys and games, to everyday devices.

Learn More



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IO 2017 – Google I/O Detailed Sessions List

Head over to Google Developers Youtube channel for latest actions.