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2016 NoteTaking Apps for the Mac

Throught out our history knowledge and information has been passed from one generation to another using some form of written inscriptions. Some kind of paper and some pencil or pen used to inscribe that information on the medium.

Image Courtesy of desktopnexus

Today we live in the digital age and pen and paper even if it seems dear has alternatives in the form of keyboard and touch screens as inputs and our displays as the moder day papers.

These are the list of few apps that will help you take notes on your mac and i have found them very useful , hope it helps you as well.

Note Taking Apps 2016 for the MAC

  1. Evernote
  2. TaskPaper
  3. Ulysses
  4. DeskPM
  5. Microsoft OneNote

Tested On OSX : Yosemite 10.10.3


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2016 Mac Productivity Apps

Time is finite and we need all the help we can to boost or workflow and save every second.


Image Courtesy of QuoteGram 

These are the few amazing list of productivity boosting apps that i have come across on the MAC hope it helps you save some time and at the same time have fun working on the MAC.

Productivity Boosters

  1. Fantastical
  2. Bartender 2
  3. Contexts
  4. ClipMenu
  5. Alfred 3 / Launchbar 6 / Flashlight
  6. Hocus Focus
  7. DropZone 3
  8. PopClip

Macros and Automation

  1. Hazel
  2. Keyboard Maestro
  3. Apptivate
  4. TextExpander
  5. Subtitles
  6. Downie

Tested On OSX : Yosemite 10.10.3

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2016 Mac OSX Developers Setup

Its been a few weeks i started using my Mac Mini and i got this as a way to try out Mac OS so that i get a feel of it. I have been a Windows user since Window 98 and transitioned to XP followed by Windows 7.


I was always curious about the fact that why are developers in dev conferences always sporting macs and also multimedia and content creators working on macs. So i thought its best to get one and get your answers yourself , no amount of youtube videos can tell you why you need to use the mac or any other OS for that matter.

What i have realised is its the workflow and productivity and the quality of apps that mac has is where the answers lies.

I have started to really love working on the mac and its quite amazing i must say.

So in this process of transitioning from Windows to OSX i have read a couple of articles , watched a few videos and these are my favourite apps for now 🙂

Command-line Setup

  1. Installed Homebrew
  2. Installed Node, Gulp, Git, zSH, mongodb using brew
  3. Terminal Vs iTerm 2 : I am still debating with myself , i end up using Terminal still
  4. zSH is extended using Prezto instead of oh-my-zsh!!

 Dev App

  • Sublime Text 3 : Code Editor of choice , havent tried Atom yet but this work for me
  • RoboMongo : Manage MongoDB
  • Ulysses : Markdown Editor of choice
  • Tower 2 : For Git
  • Transmission : For FTP
  • Arduino IDE 1.6.8 : Play with Arduino and other compatible boards

Misc Apps

  • Finder : file manager
  • Name Changer : bulk file renaming is a easy operation with this by your side
  • Spotlight + Flashlight : This works for me rather than Alfred
  • Chrome : I dont need to say more
  • Evernote : for all my notes
  • Fantastical : Calendar App
  • DeskPM : My blogging client of choice, evaluating Blogo
  • VLC : Media Player of choice
  • XnView : Image Viewer and Quick Editor
  • Subtitles : Auto Subtitle Downloader , pretty nifty utility there 😉
  • Final Cut Pro X : I always wanted to learn Video Editing with FCPX and finally i can do that
  • ScreenFlow : Screen Recording and Editing
  • Private Eye : Monitor Network Traffic
  • Tweet Bot : Twitter Client of choice
  • Focus – Producivity Timer : Do tasks the Pomodoro Way 🙂