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Lets do some magic with Git Bash : Visual Studio Code : Sublime Text

Git Bash : Visual Studio Code : Sublime Text with Git + Git Gutter Plugins

Wanted to check out how well is the Git integration with various code editors.

1. Installed Git Bash , Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3 with Git Gutter.
2. Create a Github Repo called test
3. Created a folder “C:\Sanket\Projects\GitHub” fired up Git Bash and did a clone of my “test” repo.
#git clone

4. Now time to test the Git integration with both code editors
5. open your git test folders in both code editors

For Visual Studio Code
code .

For Sublime Text
subl .

6. Now we have both editors ready for comparison

7. Lets make some changes in Sublime and VS Code and see how its reflected

VS Code gives us that familiar green stripe where ever changes are observed
Sublime Text with Git Gutter gives us those small + symbols.
Pretty useful right to track code changes.

These changes are tracked live from Git Hub.

8. On saving the file in VS Code the Git Icon lights up so that we can commit the file to Github. Lets peform a commit and push this file to Github.


9. Lets check out GitHub Page to see if the changes are reflected.

And this looks great.

10. Lets check it with sublime text.


Thats it hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Thats some really cool Git Magic.



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My Git Cheat Sheet

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Download Git Bash Here :
ReadMore :
Git has various clients for various OS check here :

// Once Git Bash is installed then configure this initially
git config –global “Sanket Sonavane”
git config –global “”

// Lets get started
git init projectname
cd projectname
create filename.ext
git add filename.ext
git commit -m “My first commit”

git clone urlname
git status

ADD > COMMIT > PUSH // will send the files to GitHub
git add filename.ext
git add . //All files in directory
git add -A
git commit -m “Message for commit”
git push

git pull // pull latest code from github

git log

// Branching and Merging
git branch // Lists branches
git branch branch-name // Creates a new branch of the current branch that you are on
git checkout branch-name // Used to switch to branch-name it can be any branch
//make your changes in the new branch and now we need to checkin and merge to main
git checkout master // Switch back to master
git pull //To check if there were any changes in master branch
git checkout branch-name // Switch back to your branch
git merge master // Merger current branch to master
git add . OR got add -A
git commit
//NOTE: When you see long commit messages hit “esc” :wq


Sublime Text Users check out Git Gutter and Git Packages they are really handy.