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Google I/O 2017 Summary


1. 2 Billion Active Android Devices
2. Google Lens : Vision API to understand what you are looking at and help you take action based on that info.
3. Cloud TPU : Coming to Google Compute Engine
4. Google Assistant connected with Google Lens and maintain conversations
5. Google Assistant now available on the iPhone.
6. Google Assistant SDK : Added support for multiple new languages.
7. Actions on Google : Now supporting transactions, end to end solution for payments, identity, notifications, receipts, account creation.
8. Proactive Assistant : Coming to Google Home
9. Hands Free Calling : Call any number [landline or mobile] in US or Canada completely free.
10. Bluetooth Support to be added to all Google Home devices to play
any audio from iOS or Android Device.
11. Suggested Sharing : Share things automatically with loved ones or close friends.
12. Photo Books
13. Notification Dots : Just like apples force touch and much more
14. Auto Fill for Apps : Eg. Filling passwords , etc. there is much more.
15. Android 0 : Vitals
16. Google Play : Play Console Dashboards
17. Kotlin : Officially supported language in Android.
18. Standalone VR Headsets : No more adding phones to cardboards for VR.



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Microsoft Bots Framework : Skype Bots : Cognitive Services

Bots Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides just what you need to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever your users are talking, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.


Official Site for Bots Framework
Getting Started
Detailed Docs

Bots Framework : Components
Bot Connector : If you already have your own Bot, connect it using Bot Connector
Bot Builder : Build your own bot with Bot Builder
Bot Directory : Try a bot and add it to your conversation experiences


Skype Bots
Skype Bots | Tutorials | API Reference | SDK | Community Forums

Cognitive Services
Microsoft Cognitive Services let you build apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code. They work across devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, keep improving, and are easy to set up.
Cognitive Services | Browse all Cognitive Service API’s

Channel 9 : Videos
Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework | EchoBot | GitHub
Building a Conversational Bot: From 0 to 60
Episode 206: Bot Framework with Mike Hall
Build Reaction – Cortana and the Bot Framework

MS Bots Framework : In the News
Microsoft launches Bot Framework to let developers build their own chatbots
Microsoft’s Bot Framework will help everyone build their own chatbot
Microsoft’s new Bot Framework will let anyone build assistants for their apps

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2016 NoteTaking Apps for the Mac

Throught out our history knowledge and information has been passed from one generation to another using some form of written inscriptions. Some kind of paper and some pencil or pen used to inscribe that information on the medium.

Image Courtesy of desktopnexus

Today we live in the digital age and pen and paper even if it seems dear has alternatives in the form of keyboard and touch screens as inputs and our displays as the moder day papers.

These are the list of few apps that will help you take notes on your mac and i have found them very useful , hope it helps you as well.

Note Taking Apps 2016 for the MAC

  1. Evernote
  2. TaskPaper
  3. Ulysses
  4. DeskPM
  5. Microsoft OneNote

Tested On OSX : Yosemite 10.10.3

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2016 Mac Productivity Apps

Time is finite and we need all the help we can to boost or workflow and save every second.


Image Courtesy of QuoteGram 

These are the few amazing list of productivity boosting apps that i have come across on the MAC hope it helps you save some time and at the same time have fun working on the MAC.

Productivity Boosters

  1. Fantastical
  2. Bartender 2
  3. Contexts
  4. ClipMenu
  5. Alfred 3 / Launchbar 6 / Flashlight
  6. Hocus Focus
  7. DropZone 3
  8. PopClip

Macros and Automation

  1. Hazel
  2. Keyboard Maestro
  3. Apptivate
  4. TextExpander
  5. Subtitles
  6. Downie

Tested On OSX : Yosemite 10.10.3


Logitech UE Boom wont pair but now revived

I have been using the Logitech UE Boom for years now and its one of the best bluetooth speakers your money can buy. This has replaced all other speakers and is my only speaker in the house for all my audio needs be it listening to music watching movies on my Mac PC or Mobile Phone.

I was enjoying the wonderful sound from it till 22 May 2016 when suddenly something happened and it just could not pair. I rebooted my UE Boom and put this in pairing mode but no luck none of my devices could pickup the UE Boom.

Damn i felt like i am doomed no UE Boom = no Audio for me. 😔
So i tried to google for similar issue and tried a few things no luck.
Then i hit a link to do Factory Reset, hoping this would solve the issue but no luck.
Logitech UE Boom Troubleshooting – iFixit

Factory Reset
Your speaker might need to be reset to factory default settings. To do this, turn on your UE Boom. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom will then turn off. Turn it back on and try to pair it with your device again. Note that doing this many times in a row may harm your speaker, so refrain from doing this more than once or twice.

Unique Problem happened after doing a factory reset the bluetooth pairing led won’t shut off.
Every time i started my UE Boom it would keep blinking the BT LED non stop, decided to test auxiliary inputs and the sound was working so speakers are working but BT is messed up.

Then i hit the UE BOOM SUPPORT | Ultimate Ears Page to check a few FAQ.
Last Resort update the firmware so downloaded the latest firmware and installed it.

Latest Firmware Links
MAC | Windows

Voila shutdown the UE Boom and started it again.

It paired instantly with my Mac Mini.

Audio Bliss Restored successfully 😃

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2016 Mac OSX Developers Setup

Its been a few weeks i started using my Mac Mini and i got this as a way to try out Mac OS so that i get a feel of it. I have been a Windows user since Window 98 and transitioned to XP followed by Windows 7.


I was always curious about the fact that why are developers in dev conferences always sporting macs and also multimedia and content creators working on macs. So i thought its best to get one and get your answers yourself , no amount of youtube videos can tell you why you need to use the mac or any other OS for that matter.

What i have realised is its the workflow and productivity and the quality of apps that mac has is where the answers lies.

I have started to really love working on the mac and its quite amazing i must say.

So in this process of transitioning from Windows to OSX i have read a couple of articles , watched a few videos and these are my favourite apps for now 🙂

Command-line Setup

  1. Installed Homebrew
  2. Installed Node, Gulp, Git, zSH, mongodb using brew
  3. Terminal Vs iTerm 2 : I am still debating with myself , i end up using Terminal still
  4. zSH is extended using Prezto instead of oh-my-zsh!!

 Dev App

  • Sublime Text 3 : Code Editor of choice , havent tried Atom yet but this work for me
  • RoboMongo : Manage MongoDB
  • Ulysses : Markdown Editor of choice
  • Tower 2 : For Git
  • Transmission : For FTP
  • Arduino IDE 1.6.8 : Play with Arduino and other compatible boards

Misc Apps

  • Finder : file manager
  • Name Changer : bulk file renaming is a easy operation with this by your side
  • Spotlight + Flashlight : This works for me rather than Alfred
  • Chrome : I dont need to say more
  • Evernote : for all my notes
  • Fantastical : Calendar App
  • DeskPM : My blogging client of choice, evaluating Blogo
  • VLC : Media Player of choice
  • XnView : Image Viewer and Quick Editor
  • Subtitles : Auto Subtitle Downloader , pretty nifty utility there 😉
  • Final Cut Pro X : I always wanted to learn Video Editing with FCPX and finally i can do that
  • ScreenFlow : Screen Recording and Editing
  • Private Eye : Monitor Network Traffic
  • Tweet Bot : Twitter Client of choice
  • Focus – Producivity Timer : Do tasks the Pomodoro Way 🙂


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Rubiks Cube For Fun

A few days ago i saw a rubiks cube lying on one of my colleagues desk and decided to give it a spin when i first took the cube in my hand and tried to solve it nothing made sense , where to start and whats next.

No wonder because it has a whopping 43 252 003 274 489 856 000 or 43 quintillion combinations. yes you read it correct my friend.

I went to google to check out how to solve a Rubiks Cube and found a couple of tutorials.

How to Solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube: Easiest Tutorial by Noah Richardson is one of the best videos which explains how to solve the cube and helped me understand and now my best time is 3 Minutes and 18 seconds.

This is the beginners methodProfessor Jessica Fridrich with a lot of hard work and dedication created this amazing method, read more about here work here . The CFOP (Cross – F2L – OLL – PLL) Method Wiki

This is my youtube playlist if you want to know more about cubing, speed cubing, speed cube records, how to choose your cube etc. Speed Cubing Playlist i keep adding exciting and useful videos here.

What is Speed Cubing ? 

 Rubik’s Speed Cube + Fridrich Method + Cube Lubrication + Tensioning + Finger Tricks


Mats Valk holds the record for solving the cube in 5:55 seconds. See him in action. Did that leave you in awe lets watch him again in slow motion.


Check for buying options if you are in India or if you are anywhere else in the world your local toy shop should definitely have one for you to get started.

How to get faster at solving it.

Buying the Cube

LACuber has done an amazing video on which 3x3x3 Speed Cube is for you, this helped me narrow down my choice for sure. If you still cant finalize then this is for you Speed Cube Mega Comparison.

Current Favorite Cubes 

  1. MoYu AoLong V2 3x3x3 Speed Cube Enhanced Edition Black.
  2. Dayan 5 Zanchi Stickerless



Note: Stickerless and not competition legal WHY , but great fun for practice. Sticker-less cubes give an unfair advantage , above picture showcases that advantage 🙂 the player can see colors on other sides 😛


Add spice to your cubing with Mirror Cube I call it the transformers cube.

My youtube playlist to solve the Mirror Cube, check it out you will surely have fun.


Enjoy Cubing 🙂