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Why fingerprint scanners on mobile phones are a bad idea

This is a very interesting topic of debate in the world of constantly evolving mobile phone market, where mobile companies are going head  to head dishing out new features and one such aspect is security. From Simple Password based authentication via PIN evolved to Pattern lock on Androids to Picture passwords on Windows 8 to multi level passwords via OTP for bank sites and the latest fingerprint authentication on iPhone 5.

 Ever since Apple rolled out its iPhone 5S and explained it to the world of how securely its saved encrypted in a special chip on the phone itself there have been numerous hackers around the world who claimed to have successfully beaten Apples system.

 Why I feel Biometric Passwords are not a good idea

You can change/reset your password should it get lost but you cant change your finger or something which is a constant to hard to  change unless you have directly contact with developers at GOD Inc. so you can ask the developers there to change your fingerprint. Same applies for retina or any biometric scanner which uses some constant which cannot be changed. Imagine the horror if your

Biometric password is forged and your bank accounts , credit card accounts start showing zero you or nothing would be more horrific than thieves cornering you  and cutting your thumb.

 Sometimes the good old fashioned passwords start feeling safe then.  🙂


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